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Raw Food Classes in NYC

Matthew Kenney of the FABULOUS Pure Food and Wine Restaurant in NYC has opened his new place in Brooklyn, along with several juice bars around the city. He is about to run a series of 5 raw food classes, held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They all sound AMAZING.

Here is the run-down:

Blue Green Essentials
You've heard your friends talk about it, now it's time for you to learn first hand. Join chef Matthew Kenney at THE PLANT where you'll learn the fundamental techiques and principles of raw food preparation. At BlueGreen Essentials, participants will not only get the tools they to need to jumpstart their cravings for a healthy lifestyle, but a solid foundation to build on within the Organic Academics program.

This class is being offered on:
Saturday, January 21st from 1 - 4pm
Wednesday, January 25th from 6 - 9pm
Saturday, February 25th from 1 - 4pm

South of the border and raw, what more can you ask for? Come to THE PLANT and learn how to create everything from zesty corn tortilla chips to pineapple mango salsa, portobello fajitas and chocolate chili pudding. With Spice you're bound to heat up this winter in no time.

This class is being offered on:
Saturday, January 28th from 1 - 4pm
Wednesday, February 1st from 6 - 9pm

Juice for Life
Join the Juice Man of New York, Melvin Major, as he takes you on a wild ride through Juice for Life. Here you'll discover cleansing and energizing juices and smoothies, as well as the secrets of superfoods. Learn to make detoxifying blends, what equipment is great for juicing at home and how the most common ailments can be remedied through juicing.

This class is being offered on:
Saturday, February 4th from 1-4pm
Thursday, February 9th from 6-9pm

Thai Coconut Cuisine
Packed with the essential nutrients and vitamins the body needs, the young coconut from Thailand is quickly becoming a staple ingredient in many raw dishes. At Thai Coconut Cuisine, learn how a full course spread can be masterfully executed using this dynamic ingredient.

(They should be showing how to make their incredible ice creams!)

This class is being offered on:
Saturday, February 18th from 1-4pm
Wednesday, February 22nd from 6-9pm

Let your sweet tooth prevail this February, with Sweet: Starring Raw Desserts. Learn to make the most decadent and healthy creations like cheesecake, chocolate pudding, macadamia cookies and many more.

This class is being offered on:
Saturday, February 11th from 1-4pm
Wednesday, February 15th from 6-9pm

Please contact me if you'd like to sign up for the classes. They are only $65 each!

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dear lord, "raw food, real world"= best (un)cookbook ever! whats the name of his place in bklyn? i'm having a lot of issues with raw food because my boyfriend (who lives with me) is deathly allergic to nuts. its kind of a drag. even the dust makes his throat close. im making raw chocolate macaroons for him tomorrow though!