I'm Just Me (dreamalwz) wrote in raw_dc,
I'm Just Me

Hi, my name is Tracey.
I'm not one to put myself out there, but

Throughout my life I've have problems with food. I physically coudln't digest certain foods from the time I was born because I was a premi. As I got old it was ok and I gradually could introduce more and more foods with the exception of much sugar. I was doing gymnastics and living my life great. Sure, I ate junkfood, but I always burned it off running. (Yes, I know this is not an ED community but once you finish reading I'm sure you'll understand why I type this).

I quit gymnastics and not the eating habbits. The weight caught up with me. About my sophomore year I developed an ED and just wasn't eating much AT ALL. I was scared I would get fatter. The things I chose to eat were: low cal bread, eggwhites, rice cakes, ff cheese, and other low cal things). Then the ED turned around to another one. I began binging on all things like corn, gluten, sugar...anything (NOT junkfood at this point, all healthy, but a lot). It was all dun dun dun...cooked. I was torturing myself for about a year until I discovered I had allergies to corn, soy, egg, dairy, potato, sugar, wheat/gluten, and nuts. They came on suddenly and developed rapidly. (those are also the things i ate most of in my restricting stage...coincidence?)

Now, if I eat even a morsal of those foods I retain SO much water I go up 3 sizes in pants and it's SO embarassing. I get depressed and sometimes suicidal over the puffiness, not to mention headaches, icky, lethargic, ect. It takes 3 days for things to get out of systems but once my body starts reacting and elminating I start to crave them again and guess what happens (damn vicious cycle).

I started experimenting with diets. Well, a dit not as in weightloss. I tried eat JUST fruits and vegetables and felt better except I still felt "heavy", thick, and drained. Turns out I'm intolerant of many fruits and vegetables too to some degree or another. Same with dried beans and sprouts. I went to raw. After one day I felt AMAZING. Yes, I was still puffy but I felt clean, pure, light on the inside. My energy levels soared. I loved it, but my cravings got the best of me and I fell back into that trap.

Finally I went 10 days in a row. Lost all that puff and started to like what I saw for the first time in about 4 years. Thanksgiving ruined it because I wanted to make my mom happy by eating steamed veggies and turkey. What a mistake THAT was. It has been a horrible two weeks later. I've been eating non stop and put on ALL that weight again plus puff. It's horrible. I'm going 100% raw again tomorrow for at least a month. The problem is that my options seem to be growing smaller and smaller every day. I'm starting to puff with each food almost (spinach, apples, pears, grapes, ect.) I have no food left. Years ago I would've thought this a good thing, but trying to recover from an ED as well it doesn't help. I'm SO scared and desperate of what to do anymore and I think that raw is the BEST answer even if I puff up a little.

Some questions
1) what do you think about sea salt while going raw?
2) do i NEED protein from nuts and seeds, I've read that you can get enough from the "green plants" and since I can't get it anywhere else...help, i'm stuck here.
3) roughly how long is the detox period when going raw? especially for food intolerance.

Thank you in advance :)
BTW i'm only 17. Please don't think of me as too young. Someone once said "you're the most intune person with your body that I know, you can tell waht every single cell of you is doing." It's crazy I tell you!
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I hope that you cross post this considering this community is rather small at the moment, you may want to try uncooked community?
Hello.I'm 20.And my only cure is raw food.I also have the issues with ED.I FULLY understand you.I know what it is to be puffy.But after bingeing on all these junk and cooked the puffiness retains and it's just NOT EASY to get rid of it?even if you eat raw food after that.
Just stick with raw food?eat as much as you want,anything that you want as long as it's ALL TRULY RAW.And just have patience.
And...SALT makes me PUFFY.
I think you shouldn't take it.Concentrate on cleansing?not on weight loss/After you're purified?you'll lose.For sure.
Some links that might be helpfulL: